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F=2.5 - The softest axle Birel axle - This is to free up the rear or to take push out of the kart.

F= The second softest axle from Birel - This comes standard with all models other than shifter karts. This axle has slightly more grid than the F=2.5.

F2.5 R= The R axle is a tricky axle to describe. It lets the kart be free, but at the same time, it puts down the most traction of all the axles. Best used in any "R" series kart.

M= The medium grade axle. This comes standard in all shifters. This axle would be considered stiff for all 4-cycle applications, use it only if you need a lot more grip.

K= This axle is the stiffest in our Birel poll. This is never used in 4-cycle racing and is rarely used in 2-cycle. It is generally used in shifter racing as a last resort for getting more rear bite.

Torsion Bars

The torsion bars for all torsion model karts are numbered. These numbers represent the stiffness of the bar. The number is located on the inside of the tab for the master cylinder assembly. The numbers are 1 - 4, with the standard bar not having a number stamped at all.

# 1 Bar = The lightest bar; Use it in the AT130 model kart 90% of the time. It really frees up the kart and allows for good tire wear.

# 2 Bar = Slightly more grip. Gives more rear bite.

# 3 Bar = More grip than the # 2. It stiffens the rear of the kart and is used mostly on the older versions of the Torsion karts. The version that is unwelded under the fuel tank.

# 4 Bar = The stiffest bar Birel makes. This is a good bar for the older version of the Torsion, the one that is unwelded under the fuel tank. This is a good bar if you will be racing with hard tires in a 2-cycle class.

HINTS AND TRICKS We have found that a # 1 bar with only one clamp being used is the best starting off set up for the Junior 2-cycle or any 4-cycle class. Also before switching all the bars around, add a clamp to stiffen the kart up. If that works then change the bar accordingly.

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